UMCD:基于web的Connectivity Database

NeuroTimes | Oct. 20, 2015

1. 分析networks:Allows you to run a quick analysis on any network. After making your specific selections, a results page is generated featuring various charts, lists and images for analysis.
2. 分析损伤如何改变network: Allows you to select specific regions of the brain and reveals how the lesion alters the network by comparing the lesioned and unlesioned versions of the network.
3. 比较networks: Here, users can perform the same analysis for two different networks concurrently.
4. 浏览公开的 Network数据: Displays all publicly available data along with any privately uploaded data. Data can be sorted by category or searched using the search bar.
5. 上传新Network数据: Registered users can upload data and choose to make the network publicly or privately available. Public datasets will be shown to all users whereas those marked as private will only be viewable when the owner is logged in.



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